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How Fireproof is your plan?

90% of WA is bushfire prone. Bushfires are unpredictable and happen every year. The single biggest killer is indecision.

What will you do if there is a bushfire?

A bushfire plan can help keep you and your family safe. Create one in under 15 minutes.

Download My Bushfire Plan App

Access your bushfire plan anytime - even without an internet connection.

How do I choose my plan? What is the safest choice?

You create your own plan by considering the unique set of circumstances that relate to you and your household.

Bushfire preparation checklists and resources

Bushfire protective clothing (0.4MB PDF)

Whether you are staying or leaving, everyone in your household needs these protective clothing.

Bushfire risks and dangers (0.4MB PDF)

Flames are not the only risk you face in a bushfire. Be wary of ember attacks, radiant heat, and smoke.

Bushfire Warning System and Fire Danger Ratings in WA (0.4MB PDF)

Find out what Advice, Watch and Act, Emergency Warning, and All Clear mean and how to use the fire danger ratings to monitor conditions in your area.

Firefighting equipment you need to stay and defend (0.4MB PDF)

You can better prepare if you choose to stay and defend your house from a bushfire by having every single item on this equipment list.

How can you keep informed during a bushfire? (0.4MB PDF)

Get emergency information from multiple sources and take the four steps listed in this PDF to help you keep informed about bushfires near you.

How to find shelter if it is too late to leave your property (0.4MB PDF)

Sheltering in your own home during a bushfire should be your last option, here is what to do if you are unable to leave your property.

How to prepare your property for a bushfire (0.4MB PDF)

You can better prepare your home for a bushfire by completing this Property Preparation Checklist.

Preparing your Bushfire Survival Kit (0.4MB PDF)

Find a list of what to pack before a disaster occurs and a list of items to pack on the day, including what to pack for your pet.

Travelling during a bushfire (0.4MB PDF)

If you are traveling or staying near bushland, fire is a real risk. Pack an emergency kit including items such as woollen blankets, drinking water, and protective clothing.
View all our bushfire emergency resources